Kansas City Chiefs: Top 15 Leaders in Passing Yards All-Time

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(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs have had some great quarterbacks over the years. Which 15 Chiefs quarterbacks have the most passing yards in franchise history?


While the KC Chiefs aren’t necessarily a team known for their “deep ball” ability lately, this is a franchise who has seen some guys be able to sling the football in years past.

The Chiefs only have one Hall of Fame quarterback in their entire history, and that quarterback is still the only one to lead the organization to a Super Bowl title. Since then, the Chiefs have mostly relied on castoffs from other teams (Who are we kidding? They’re mostly all from San Francisco) to lead the way, but their current quarterback has been one of their best ever.

It takes a lot to be a good quarterback in the NFL, and while passing the football is a huge part of the game, passing yards don’t always equal the most success in the pros. You’ll see that indicated quite a bit on this list, as some of the quarterbacks included didn’t necessarily have the greatest reputation while in Kansas City.

It’s interesting to look at this list and see just how high some of these former Chiefs quarterbacks ranked when it came to passing yards. It’s even more interesting to see how long ago some of these players last took snaps in the NFL and that they still sit as high as they do on the board.

So, who are the top 15 quarterbacks with the most passing yards in team history? Let’s take a look!

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